We Are Spider-Man: An Essay on His Relevance

Enlight759Once upon a time, a radioactive spider bites high school nerd Peter Parker, giving him the sensational, spectacular, and amazing powers of a spider. Once Parker discovered his powers, he sees it as an opportunity for profit, fame, and glory. Self-absorbed, Peter deliberately ignores a thievery in progress, simply claiming that ‘it wasn’t his job’. On his way home, Parker finds red & blue lights flashing near his house. A police officer reports the murder of his Uncle Ben by a runaway burglar. In Parker’s anger and frustration, he chases after the burglar as Spider-Man, only to discover that it was the same thief he claimed not to be his problem. After handing over the burglar to the police, Spider-Man swings into the gathering darkness. While many slept soundly in the presence of family, a silent and lonely figure trudges through the blue night, aware of both his power and the weight of responsibility. Read More


Spider-Man: Homecoming- A Coming-of-Mask film | No Spoiler Review

Watching Tom Holland’s performance in Captain America: Civil War as Peter Parker/Spider-Man was to me the equivalent of a teaser done right: it was short, excellent, and just enough to get me hyped for his movie debut! I was so excited I was barely able to sleep the night before. So when I got into the theater to finally watch this superhero flick, it would be safe to say that I had thoroughly, profoundly, and massively enjoyed Spider-Man: Homecoming! Safe to say, at least. (I find it very hard to write under so much excitement as I have the tendency to gush out like a fangirl over something I really like.) Read More

And Other Updates

So, let me make this as brief as possible. From now on, the same posts I make here on T&L will also be posted on Moviepilot under the username Sam_Was_Taken. I was offered to write on their platform (which you could do, too*) so of course I accepted it. Not to fear though; Tights & Lightsabers will still be alive and kicking. There will be certain blog posts that I’ll only be putting on T&L and some that will only be on Moviepilot.  Read More

Wonder Woman | No Spoiler Review

It’s about time that the DCEU got back on its feet!

Despite being one of the most popular superheroes ever, Wonder Woman never had her own solo movie. Sure, there was an animated movie back in 2009; a live-action film from 1974; and who could forget Lynda Carter’s TV show which ran from 1975-1979? Other than these examples, I don’t remember any other time Wonder Woman was the star of her own movie/TV show, especially compared to Superman and Batman.

Female-centered superhero movies always flopped, and it’s because the audience didn’t care for the characters since the people behind the films didn’t care enough to make them work. So when Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman had her cinematic debut in BvS, there was finally a chance to see her in her own film. And now we have it! Wonder Woman officially clocked in for the biggest US opening for a female director, and is, as of now, the queen of the box office. And there’s good reason to all of that: the film was a win not just for the audience, but for good character writing and other female directors. And even if it had some downs, it had plenty of ups. Read More

TOO MANY SUPERHEROES- A Solution To the Superhero Fatigue


Days like these feel too good to be true. Since the 1951 film titled Superman and the Mole Men—a movie usually credited as the first legitimate superhero movie—there have been countless numbers of superhero movies up until today.  In what seems to be the Golden Age of Superhero Films, there will be even more to come.

With the superheroes moving beyond movies and into TV shows, they continue to invade pop culture and reach out to the mainstream audience. More superhero films/shows will continue to come out, not just from Marvel and DC, but even other studios would get into the trend.

Some argue that the superhero genre would be another Western movie fad—a mere exploitation of the audience’s interests only to die out. There’d be so much of them that we’d grow overall tired of watching the same thing with relatively same characters in a relatively same setting. With its ever-growing influence and box office hits, one has to ask: will there be too many superheroes? Read More

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | No Spoiler Review

GOTG Vol. 2 is one of the best things to happen to the MCU.

3 years after the surprisingly awesome, hilarious, but intimate foray into the MCU cosmos, Guardians of the Galaxy became Marvel’s most important film. If Iron Man brought upon the MCU as we know it, then GOTG was the starting ground to introduce more bizarre, other-wordly aspects of the Marvel universe.

Because of its importance and popularity, it wasn’t a surprise that GOTG would have a sequel. Thankfully, GOTG Vol. 2 was in no way just a mere cash-grab. It was both familiar and new in every aspect possible; a perfect example of how sequels should be made. Read More