All You Need To Know About This Blog


Tights & Lightsabers is a site dedicated to movies, whether they be movie reviews or discussions about certain films. This blog has been active for at least only once a month, but it has become my aim to post on a much more regular basis.

I chose the name Tights & Lightsabers since it sums up my 2 favorite genres: Superhero and Science Fiction films. When I was making the blog, I wanted a title that was short but memorable; something that does the job. So I decided Tights & Lightsabers was the best bet, and I REALLY REALLY hope the name sticks to your mind as much as sweaty tights stick to your skin.



My name is Samuel, and I’m a student from the Philippines. I’m the guy behind Tights & Lightsabers. I made this blog since I wanted a space where I can talk about my love for movies while at the same time exercise my writing and photoshop skills (e.g. the background of the blog, most featured images, some movie posters). This blog is basically where I get to express myself and experiment in more ways than one–



–Uh…my first movie review was NOT on this blog nor on any blog–it was on my own Facebook account, after watching the LEGO movie. Granted, it was not my best review, but it was the start. I enjoyed pressing down each button on the keyboard, just gleefully passing the time. It was pure bliss for me to sit down and write without any pressure. Eventually I kept doing more and more reviews until somebody told me, “Ever heard of a blog?!” So the blog started from there.

Writing, aside from illustrating, is one of the few things I can actually enjoy practice. And I think that’s what really got me going as I kept writing more and more reviews: I was working on something that I appreciated. An added bonus were the people who loved my reviews as much as I loved making them.

Now I got a blog for it. Now it’s a bit more ‘unofficially official’. Now I can do more than just reviews. I won’t always post, and I can’t promise a schedule since I got a lot of things going on. There’s no WAY I’m going into this full-time, it’s not like I get paid for this. I do this because I want to and I love to. Maybe I’ll get paid soon, maybe I won’t, I really don’t mind.

So here I am, and here you are.

Welcome to my blog.


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