And Other Updates

So, let me make this as brief as possible. From now on, the same posts I make here on T&L will also be posted on Moviepilot under the username Sam_Was_Taken. I was offered to write on their platform (which you could do, too*) so of course I accepted it. Not to fear though; Tights & Lightsabers will still be alive and kicking. There will be certain blog posts that I’ll only be putting on T&L and some that will only be on Moviepilot. 

As a bigtime Spidey fan, Tights & Lightsabers will temporarily be called “Tights & Spiders”. July will be a Spidey-themed month for T&L. This blog will all be Spider-Man propaganda (just kidding. Not really)

I’ve got exciting stuff planned, so stay tuned, and au revoir, Shosanna!

*The Creators platform lets you write whatever you want whenever you want. They have great opportunities such as the Creators Academy which helps with your writing skills. You can sign up right here–and no, I wasn’t told to make this shoutout. I just like Moviepilot so much.


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