Interview with Groot (Plus Rocket and A Photoshoot)

Tights and Lightsabers had a rare opportunity to interview Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy! We were also fortunate enough to have Rocket with us to translate Groot’s thoughts. So yes, we also interviewed Rocket.

T&L: Let’s start right off the bat. Back when the Guardians were just beginning to know and work with each other, everyone had a motive in mind. Starlord and Rocket were in it for the money, Gamora and Drax both wanted revenge. What was in it for you?

G: I am Groot.

R: Just to clarify, I was NOT only in it for the money! I also wanted Groot to have his share of money. Anyways, Groot said he was [air quotes] “in it for us”.

T&L: In it for who, the other Guardians?

G: I am Groot.

R: He said yes.

Groot 4

Groot No Evil

T&L: Let’s talk about your dynamic with the team here. Most consider you as the pet dog of the Guardians: you’re adorable, childlike yet profound, lovable, but also scarily tough when necessary. Do you agree with that description?

G: [laughs] I am Groot.

R: What do you mean I’M supposed to be the pet?!

G: I am Groot.

R: Oh you do jokes now? You joke now huh?

T&L: Obviously, there’s a certain *vocabulistics* barrier between you and anyone else. Only Rocket can understand you, but you understand everyone. How does that affect your relationship with the rest of the Guardians–how do you connect with them?

G: I am Groot.

R: I believe saving the galaxy together has made them start understanding me, even if just a little. With that being said, I’ve made it a point to speak only when necessary. Since we cannot bond over talking, we’ve had to relate through sharing an experience. In my opinion, our first adventure together not only helped them understand me, but it also helped them understand one another and even themselves. We couldn’t simply talk–we had to learn to empathize with one another.

T&L: This question will lean towards Rocket. Rocket, as the only one who can interpret Groot, how did you get to know him so well?

R: I FINALLY GET A QUESTION! I’ve been sitting here babbling on like some idiot just to translate for another idiot. Anyways, it’s simple really: he’s quiet, I’m loud. We make a good mercenary team! Plus, he don’t do good arguin’ like me so we don’t argue over anything too much. When you spend a long time only having this talking tree to talk to, you get to know him well enough.

T&L: Back to Groot. Do you find it a burden to have so much on your mind only to speak “I am Groot” and even “We are Groot”?

G: I am Groot.

R: It was quite frustrating, but I’ve learned to get used to it. This doesn’t stop me from telling Rocket what I think, which is why he understands me so well.

T&L: Here’s what we’ve been wondering–is your vocabulary really limited to those 2 phrases or do you just do it to toy with us?

G: [smiles] I am Groot.

R: HA! He literally just said I am Groot!

T&L: To what or who can you compare the Guardians of the Galaxy?

G: I am Groot.

R: A better Suicide Squad? Who the hell are those?

T&L: The Guardians of the Galaxy seems to be a very fragile group. You guys always look like an argument could hit the kill switch and make all of you go crazy on one another. But from what I’ve observed, you’re the one who always helps them and ultimately bring them together. An example was when you just snatched the quarnex battery while Rocket was just discussing about it in prison. Or when you convinced Rocket to save Quill. Less subtle was when you sacrificed your life to save them from Ronan. Was that all intentional–herding them together?

G: [looks at Rocket and pats his head] I am Groot.

R: He said yes.

T&L: Why? Why keep them together?

G: We are Groot.

R: [chuckles] I’m sure I don’t need to translate that one.

Groot 3 (1)

Galactic Gothic

T&L: Thank you for your time, Rocket and Groot! I’m afraid that’s all the time we have. If you want more interviews, let us know who you want us to interview next!

All pictures were made for the sole purpose of Tights & Lightsabers. If you would wish to use any of these illustrations, please inquire about it at our Facebook Page or Instagram account.


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  1. Samantha Issa Adalia · April 23

    I love the art pics and the interview! Could you interrogate Kylo Ren next? Hahahaha


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