Film of the Week: Princess Bride

Rating: PG
Runtime: 1 hour and 38 minutes
Directed by: Rob Reiner
Written by: William Goldman (book and screenplay)
Starring: Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkin, Robin Wright, Andre the Giant

Plot: When a young boy becomes sick, his grandfather reads to him the Princess Bride, a classic story of fantasy, romance, fencing, and revenge. The book, which has been passed down within the family for generations, revolves around a farm boy named Westley and a princess named Buttercup whose love for one another will be put under severe trial.

Mini-review: As cliche as the plot sounds, the film succeeds beyond expectations and delivers a fun-filled balance between romance and action. Princess Bride is a guaranteed movie that could be replayed again and again, with its sharp one-liners and one of the best cinematic characters in history, Inigo Montoya. Equipped with a fantastic cast and an incredible soundtrack, Princess Bride is a rare piece that balances both romance and action.


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The amazing trailer is done by Ryan Shukis. It is not the official trailer but is instead a remake of the original trailer.


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