Finding Dory | No Spoiler Review

13 years after the original (Finding Nemo) comes the sequel that no one ever wanted but will over-excitedly be embraced by adults and children alike. Despite the amount of distraction brought by toddlers in the cinema (one child was kicking my back and another would shout at the screen to answer Dory’s riveting questions) I enjoyed the movie as it brought back memories of the enjoyable yet heartbreaking film that was Finding Nemo.

The plot of Finding Dory is simple–just kidding, it isn’t. Think of something like Where’s Waldo except Waldo himself is looking for something else as he would constantly forget the object he was after and more importantly, forget where he was. ACTUALLY SOUNDS COMPLICATED, RIGHT? I had the same reaction when I first heard of the movie. How are they gonna make a movie about that amnesiac fish? Is Dory gonna start having tattoos of certain memories like in Memento? Which was why I was impressed all the more when I watched the movie, because here’s the thing: Pixar made it work. Like they always do.


Except for Cars 2. Nobody talks about Cars 2.

Finding Dory is in no way a rehash. It introduces a whole new part of the ocean and a mostly new cast of supporting characters. Characters like Destiny, Hank, and Bailey are just a few of my favorites. The subplots were not too distracting and even complemented the main plot. As the title suggested, Finding Dory understandably placed the limelight on Dory. What I loved about this film was that its viewers get to dive deep into the head of Dory and made her more than just our favorite, silly amnesiac. There was more to Dory than I knew.

And that’s what the film is about: Dory’s identity. Think of Dory as a puzzle with most of its pieces gone in the wind. Her mind was left scattered and unraveled. With each passing moment in the film, more and more pieces are discovered and you get to see the full picture of Dory’s traumatized past, her shattered identity, and her recovery. It was because of this theme that made Finding Dory more heartbreaking than a fun-filled adventure.

The only issue I had with Finding Dory was that it was too short. Maybe I just didn’t want the movie to end, but the ending felt incomplete. It was in no way better than Finding Nemo, but it wasn’t so bad either.

Overall, Finding Dory was an adorable tearjerker. While yes, it was a roller coaster of fun, but each loop and stop was a punch in the gut that made me sympathize for the little blue fish. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, but hey, isn’t that what a Pixar movie is all about? It’s a movie that you simply shouldn’t forget to watch.





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