Captain America: Civil War | No Spoiler Review

In the midst of political drama as the elections come near, Marvel all the more divides its fans as they choose whether they’re Team Cap or Team Iron Man in their new movie Captain America Civil War (I personally am for Team Cap). The film benefits from the already established characters of the MCU and is kept fresh with new ones, delivering an entertaining blockbuster as emotionally heavy as it was action-packed.

The film succeeds in where another superhero-fights-superhero movie Batman V Superman doesn’t, which was being able to blend all the characters and themes it wanted while not making it too complicated nor boring. Captain America: Civil War depends on continuity, so if you haven’t watched the previous Marvel movies (which I’m assuming you have) then this movie may not make too much sense.

What makes this movie so special is that it talks about the history between its characters and it challenges the relationships that has developed between them. Everyone’s motive in Civil War for joining the fight puts them in such a perspective that their actions are, to some extent, reasonable as to why they do what they do. Civil War isn’t about who’s good or who’s bad, it’s about who’s willing to go far enough just to reach their goals.

The film delivered according to my expectations. All the right ingredients of humor, action, and  Despite the fact that the plot was massive and had far-reaching consequences for everyone involved, the screenwriters made sure that the fight was as personal as it could get. The movie goes back and forth from building up tension to dishing it out with well-choreographed fight scenes. What was spectacular about it was that the film was able to outdo its own tension and action with each and every next scene until we get to the incredibly well-done climax.

The Russo brothers, who directed Captain America: Winter Soldier as well as Civil War, were on the top of their game. The dialogue was well-written as it flows from heartbreaking lines to witty, sharp one-liners. The action was excellently choreographed as I said earlier. The soundtrack was not too special in my opinion, as it sounded more like a repeat of the Winter Soldier soundtrack. However what was really special was the plot and its thought-provoking themes, as it gave us a peek into each character’s lives and drops them into a situation that’s bigger than any of them.

Finally, the characters were all excellently portrayed. Chris Evans & Robert Downey Jr. are at the top of their game as usual. They showed us the two top guns of the Marvel Universe as heroes who were as flawed as any human being. Actors like Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) and Tom Holland (Spider-Man) gave their best in portraying their characters and those actions have excellently payed off. Tom Holland is officially my favorite Spider-Man.

The camera in some scenes felt a bit too shaky, and Spidey’s suit was a tad bit too CGI, but these are all very minor issues. It may sound like I have nothing but praise for the film, but it’s the truth. Is it the best Marvel movie though? You decide for yourself. For me, my favorite is still Captain America: Winter Soldier. It’s not the Godfather of superhero movies, but sure, maybe it’s close.

What’s so good about the past Marvel movies was that if you remove the superheroes and keep everything else, it’s still a good movie. Ant-Man was essentially a heist film. Winter Soldier was a spy thriller. Civil War is exactly like a drama/war movie. Overall, I think Captain America: Civil War is a must-see film. It’s unlike any superhero movie I’ve seen before.

P.S. Make sure to stay after the credits scene, because there’s two of them. That’s the only spoiler I’ll tell you.




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