Deadpool: A Movie Fit For The Family! | No Spoilers Review


Deadpool, despite its R-16 rating, is a fun family-movie, filled with all the lovable characters you love! It’s got romance, adventure, action, comedy, superheroes, and is even a musical! What else could you possibly ask for in this child-friendly movie?!

I’M KIDDING. DON’T BRING KIDS TO THIS MOVIE. Yes, Deadpool is a movie filled with romance, adventure, action, comedy, superheroes–and I’m not kidding–it can count as a musical (Hey, if ‘The Martian’ won the Golden Globes for a musical, then this counts!) But it is no family movie, unless your family consists of members age 16 and above or are just weird.

Instead, Deadpool is an unapologetic, violent, out of the ordinary, cartoon level of crazy film that stands out from the superhero movies. This movie is definitely a hit-or-miss for people. If the humor is not your type, you won’t like it. If you can’t stand the violence, you won’t like it. Deadpool is like…Looney Tunes hit with a hard R. Or Spider-Man with guns and got bit by cancer, not a spider.

The story of Deadpool is fueled by romance & revenge. The relationship between Wade Wilson (Deadpool) and his wife Vanessa felt genuine and some of the dialogue between the two broke my heart. In perspective, the movie is a Beauty & The Beast story–if the Beast was a crazy maniac with katanas.

Honestly, I think that the three characters who are Deadpool, Colossus, & Negasonic Teenage Warhead (That is a really cool but long name for an X-man) basically represent the moviegoers of the film. Deadpool represents the people who fully embrace every aspect of this movie and have a ton of fun doing so. Colossus represents the audience who’s not used to the madness that is Deadpool, who would more likely want the movie to tone down a bit, and to ‘watch the language’. Negasonic represents the audience who think that Deadpool was a pretty neat movie, but would really just quiet down about it.

I enjoyed the movie, and it was quite surprising that the most faithful-to-comic adaption would come not from Marvel Studios, but from Fox. I think we can all agree that, even if the Deadpool movie sucked, the marketing was on point.

The decision to make this movie R-rated was a brilliant move. To make the movie PG would have had consequences. Putting limitations on a character whose meant to be limitless in terms of ANYTHING, is just gonna make Deadpool another ordinary superhero film. Never has there been a superhero as expandable as Deadpool; he doesn’t even need a detailed, mind-challenging plot to be entertaining! When you’ve got a character like him, you don’t need a plot, since he is the plot. Other characters are not given much spotlight or development since the script only depends on one guy: Deadpool.


A love-letter: From me to the movie.

The strongest parts of the film were the beginning and the end. I was somewhat drifting away in the middle and losing my attention. The jokes were well-written, and it was fun to see Deadpool poke the 4th wall time to time. However I have a tad issue with some of the jokes, as some come off as too specific like ‘less angry Rosie O’Donnell’ (Who I didn’t know until I looked her up) and those type of jokes tend to fly over my head. Maybe someone found them funny, but that’s fine. And no, it’s not like Kick-Ass either. This is way better than Kick-Ass, without a doubt.

The movie is an origin movie, but it definitely wasn’t an X-Men Origins: Wolverine kind of origins movie (I am so happy Deadpool ignored X-Men Origins. NO ONE wants to remember that movie.) Yet it was bittersweet, since Deadpool’s real origin in the comics is mostly kept zipped like a jigsaw puzzle with half of its pieces missing but this movie took another puzzle with all the pieces not missing.  Wade’s transformation to Deadpool was unsettling, and it was through it that you could understand why Deadpool is so angry and frustrated.

Acting is quite good. Ryan Reynolds didn’t even seem to act; it looked and felt natural. And Colossus; so glad they finally made him right! Action scenes were honestly my most favorite, and the opening sequence is one of the highlights of the film.

Don’t watch this film if you’re a Colossus kind of guy. It’s got dirty jokes, violence, nudity, so don’t force yourself or your kids to watch the film.

Honestly, it’s not the best film. It’s a personally treasured movie of mine, and I will keep it in my treasure box which is my heart, but it’s no magnum opus. Not yet at least; maybe the sequel will be. Deadpool sticks out among the rest, like when you play in a Marvel/DC Superhero Ball Pit, only to discover another ball pit of its own:Deadpool. It’s a whole universe by itself. Since Deadpool is so unique and fresh that he’s got his own world, that if other heroes join him, they’ll be made fun of. I look forward to the sequel, which is already in the works. Deadpool smells like it’s gonna be a franchise. With an R rating, its audience is limited, but I believe it can hit box office since it’s no regular superhero movie.



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  1. Win Mallorca · May 2, 2016

    It’s a movie that I did not finish to watch even at home because it grieved my spirit so much. This is not the kind of movie that a serious Christian should even try to watch. Garbage, really!


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